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Not Only Scalar Curvature

Upcoming talks

April 20, 2023

Claude Viterbo:
(10:30 am NYC, 16:30 Paris)

Vincent Humilière:
(11:45 am NYC, 17:45 Paris)

May 4, 2023

Lan-Hsuan Huang: Positive mass theorem for asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
(10:30 am NYC, 16:30 Paris)
The asymptotically (locally) hyperbolic manifold appears in a fundamental role in the AdS/CFT correspondence. It motivates further study on the properties of global invariants defined at conformal infinity, such as the energy-momentum vector. We will give a partial survey on positivity of the energy-momentum vector and the equality case.

Raquel Perales: Intrinsic flat stability of the positive mass theorem for graphical manifolds
(11:45 am NYC, 17:45 Paris)
The rigidity of the Riemannian positive mass theorem for asymptotically flat or hyperbolic manifolds states that the total mass of such a manifold is zero if and only if the manifold is isometric to the Euclidean space, or hyperbolic space, respectively. This leads us to ask us whether a stability result holds. We will provide a positive answer obtained by Huang-Lee-Sormani, Allen-Perales and Huang-Lee-Perales for asymptotically flat graphical manifolds by using the intrinsic flat distance. We will also discuss an analogous result for asymptotically hyperbolic graphical manifolds, which is part of an ongoing project with A. Cabrera Pacheco and M. Graf.

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Each session will consist of two lectures: an introductory colloquium and a related seminar on a recent advance in geometry. Not all the talks will concern scalar curvature but perhaps many will. The pair of talks will be followed by a discussion both in person and online. Everyone is welcome to join the session live (zoom) or watch the recorded videos of the talks later (IHES channel).

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Misha Gromov, IHES

Bernhard Hanke, University of Augsburg

Christina Sormani, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College

Gouliang Yu, Texas A&M University